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Thank you for your feedback!

Kelli N.       March 5, 2018

        *****Jen did and awesome job! Everyone was so impressed with her work and she was great with the kids! The balloon animals were way better than your normal dogs and swords! We would definitely hire them again!!!!

Forrest H.   August 14, 2017

      ***** Jennifer was great with all the children and we look forward to having her again next year.


Will R.        June 26, 2017

      ***** Excellent work by this team. They were the hit of the gathering with kids to our C-Suite business executives. Quick, fun and really good work as well.  

 Michelle H.   June 19,2017

      ***** Jennifer was AMAZING! We were so happy we found her for our daughters birthday party. The faces she painted were beautiful!!!!! I had so many compliments from the other parents at our party. I can't say enough good things-she was fabulous with the kids, devised a number system for the painting line so that kids could go and play and come back when it was their turn (thereby avoiding crabby kids waiting in line), and her designs were gorgeous! The kids loved her, and I am so happy we found her!

Rhonda A.     June 15, 2017

        ****** We hired both a face painter and a balloon twister and they did NOT disappoint! They did a great job and there was a crowd of kids at their booth all evening! Would certainly hire them again!

Fallon B.       June 9, 2017

      ****** The children loved the experience of getting to watch the balloons being made. It put smiles on their faces. 


Melody C.      June 3, 2017

       ******* Awesome overall! Great experience! Glad I found hearth kids loved the faceprinting and balloons.

Shawn C.        May 25, 2017

          *******Jennifer did a wonderful job working with the kids at our 8th annual fishing derby. 

Cliton H.        March 11, 2017

           *******Service was outstanding in every aspect! Could not have been better!


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